Matt Sanders

Director, GT-RNOC

Director, Research Ops at IPAT


Russ Clark

Director, GT-RNOC


Siva Jayaraman

Director of Partnerships


Faith Sumpter

Program and Operations Manager


Current Research Assistants

Oniecia Henry

B.S., Computer Science

Threads: People and Devices

Skills: Java, Python

Gabriella Oluchi

B.S., Business Administration

Skills: Adobe - Premier Pro; Microsoft Office; Python; Project and Inventory Management

Khushman Patel

M.S., Computer Science

Skills: Mixed Reality programming, Web technologies, Backend Systems, Linux

Divyanshu Upreti

M.S., Computer Science

Skills: Platforms, Systems, Web Development 

Anonto Zaman

B.S., Aerospace Engineering

Skills: Matlab, Java

Parth Tamane

M.S., Computer Science

Skills: Full-Stack Mobile & Web Development, UI/UX Designing, Node.js, Firebase, Java, Swift, Python

Sahithi Puligundla

M.S., Cybersecurity

Skills: Java, Python, Mobile Development

Former Research Assistants and Scientists

Akansha Gupta, MS Human-Computer Interaction Anvesh Redy Chennuru, MS Computations Science and Engineering Brenton Jackson, BS Computer Engineering Carissa Matute, BS Mechanical Engineering Cecil Woebker, MS Computer Science
Geunbae Lee, MS Human-Computer Interaction Jayanth Mohana Krishna, MS Human-Computer Interaction Joaquin Chung, Ph. D. Electrical and Computer Engineering Kaiwei Wang, MS Human-Computer Interaction Kartik Prabhu, BS Computer Engineering
Soorya Eswaran, MS Computer Science Abdoulie Njie, BS Electrical Engineering Alex Perez, BS Computer Science Andrew Nelson, MS Human-Computer Interaction Ankita Lamba, MS Information Security
Ashwyn Sharma, MS Computer Science Bhargava Samanthula, BS Industrial Engineering Brent Zucker, MS Computer Science Carl Saldanha, MS Computer Science Chiwuike Aguwa, Graduate Assistant
Christian Botkin, BS Computer Science Cindy Wang, BS Computational Media Daniel Camejo Dominik Durner, MS Computer Science Jemmy Gazhenko, BS Computer Science
Joohn Skandalakis, MS Information Security Kavir Jones, BS Computer Science Larry Freil IV, Ph. D. Mehmet Ordu, MS Human-Computer Interaction Melissa Shi, BS Industrial Design
Quirin Korner Rasha El-Jaroudi, BS Electrical Engineering Sasha Azad, MS Computer Science Shanu Salunke, MS Computer Science Shyam Subramaniyam, MS Computer Science
Stefan Bjelcevic, BS Computer Science Tanay Ponkshe, BS Computer Science Vikram Jain, MS Computer Science Yeonjoon Choi, BS Computer Science Bill Eason, Former Research Scientist, MS EE
Nicolas McGarry, BS Computer Science Solomon Martin, BS Electrical Engineering
Melanie Mauersberger, MS Electrical Engineering
Crystal Li, BS Computer Science Asutosh Palai, MS Computer Science